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Writing the words can be life changing


Many times in key situations in Scripture we see the Lord emphasizing the importance of the written word.  We have adopted this philosophy with The Spoken Word Journal, used to note key information delivered during messages (e.g., sermons, homilies).

Sometimes we hear a word or a statement that we deem as personal and useful.  Words can be life-changing if we both remember what we have heard and take some time to reflect on the information.  This is the sole purpose of this journal.  It allows us to literally take the personal key points from the message with us. 

Additionally, all written notes from messages are housed in one place as a lifelong resource.  This is useful in many ways, even beyond electronic storage that is sometimes deleted or misplaced.


The Spoken Word Journal is available exclusively to churches.  The front cover is customizable to include information such as the name of the church, church vision, church slogan, church logo, special Scripture verse, etc.  The inside pages remain unchanged, with the exception of the title "Pastor".  We will incorporate the church leader's title as submitted by the individual church.


Journals may be special ordered through the church and personalized to include the first name of the owner.  Personalization is available at a nominal fee.


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 Interested churches are asked to complete the Church Account Request Form.