Send a card-a-month for a year to a waiting child!

Bless a child each month for a year.

Kids' Cards (Ages 3-5)   |    Big Kids' Cards (Ages 6-9)    |    Tween Cards (Ages 10-12)

1.  Getting Started!

Get the name, address, and age of the child.

2.  Enter the information and complete your purchase.

Enter your name and contact information.  Add the child's name and address, and select his/her age group (so that we will know which set of cards to send).  You may also add a special note to be sent with the first card.

3.  We do the rest!

He Speaks Today® will send a card-a-month for a year to the child.  You will receive a certificate  via email that can be printed and given to the child.  In addition, an email confirmation will be sent to you when the first card is mailed.*

He Speaks Today® will stuff and address the envelopes, pay postage, and mail all cards. 

* Please provide a valid email address.  We will communicate with you via email.