He Speaks Today™ Launches Online Christian Card Shopping

Contact: He Speaks Today™, LLC
Alita K. Robertson, Founder
P. O. Box 259
Rosedale, LA 70772
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Phone: 225.933.7019
Email: contact@hespeakstoday.com

He Speaks Today™ Launches Online Christian Card Shopping

 Rosedale LA --- August 26, 2013 –

He Speaks Today™, LLC, a specialty ministry-based Christian Online Retailer, is pleased to announce its opening – September 23, 2013. The company is pleased to present its line of Christian cards that can be ordered online from the website, http://www.hespeakstoday.com.

He Speaks Today™ products include: greeting cards, notecards, post cards, kids’ cards, and other items.

 “This ministry was founded on the principle that the Lord speaks as clearly today as He did over 2000 years ago when He humbly walked this earth serving and testifying to the truth,” states Alita Robertson, owner. She continues, “We, as believers, simply need to gravitate to His Word and listen for that ‘still, small voice’ that is forever faithful.”

Retail customers and wholesalers can place orders at anytime through a secure online ordering gateway. Payment is made using American Express, MasterCard, or VISA. For more information visit He Speaks Today™ LLC at: http://www.hespeakstoday.com.

 About He Speaks Today, LLC products:

He Speaks Today greeting cards and notecards give “living water”. They contain salutations in the words of the Lord, detailed messages that expound on His Word, and incorporate attached or perforated Scripture Marks™ for referencing biblical principles.

 Post cards are printed on smooth ivory paper with the look of the letterpress, and each focuses on a particular biblical concept, incorporates Scripture, contains a declaration based on the concept, and have attached tassels for marking Scripture.

 Kids’ cards take children on a fun-filled interactive journey while learning biblical principles with Zoe, a colorful caterpillar. Each card contains a timely and noteworthy message based on Scripture, and interactive activity related to the message, and a mini-parental (adult) involvement project to reinforce the concept in the family. Kids’ cards also have attached Scripture Marks™.

He Speaks Today, LLC
Rosedale, LA 70772
Phone: 225.933.7019
Contact: contact@hespeakstoday.com