Greeting Cards are a Christmas Staple

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Greeting Cards are a Christmas Staple

Rosedale LA --- December 6, 2013 –

He Speaks Today, a newly opened local Christian greeting card business, is voicing the appeal of the printed greeting card this holiday season.

 “There is something intriguing about walking out to the mailbox or opening a post office box and finding a card that bares your name,” says Alita Robertson, founder. “It is an appeal that has stood the test of time for generations. These are not items that we eventually delete from our mobile texts or forget in our large array of email messages, but are many times tiny treasures rich with sentiment that we reverently store away for safe keeping."

 He Speaks Today offers greeting cards, note cards, kids’ cards for children ages 3-5, and post cards. Greeting and note card salutations do not speak the words "Happy Birthday", "Happy Anniversary", or “Merry Christmas”, instead they speak the words of Jesus Christ – useful for any occasion – and elaborate on His words in “meaningful, Spirit-led messages”. These cards are unique in that each has an attached Scripture Mark™ or is a Scripture Mark™ in itself. The kids' cards contain interactive activities and mini-parental involvement projects. The post cards are Scripture Marks that are mailable with attached tassels. All cards are a must see.

Robertson says the cards “give living water”. Proceeds from sales are used to serve those who are in need. Visit the web site for additional information --

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