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Growing Up

I remember as a small child growing up absolutely loving to color using simple Crayola Crayons and either a coloring book or regular sheets of plain or notebook paper.  I recall sprawling out with my cherished materials on my grandparent’s front porch and then drawing and coloring for what was likely hours. Not only did I enjoy coloring, but I enjoyed experimenting with tints and shades of colors by varying the about of pressure that I placed on the crayons.  I even experimented with colors that worked well together –eventually developing a color pattern from a simple box of eight crayons and a song that mimicked the color pattern, which I still remember today: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, brown, and black.

I had no real formal artistic training until I reached college –only a bit in high school.  In addition to a love for art, I also had a fondness for mathematics and genuinely wanted to become a classroom teacher.  I eventually graduated from college with a degree in education, got married, and actually had an opportunity in my career to teach both mathematics and art to middle school students!

My Initial Career

I remember teaching art and while thinking how technology might be integrated into my art lessons.  This led me on a quest that resulted in a tremendous interest in technology, and several teacher certifications relating to the use of technology in education.  As a result, I was always learning new software programs –many self-taught-- and then using these programs in teaching, even to adult students.  You see, I ended up working at our state’s department of education in the educational technology division, where we trained teachers in the use of technology in the classroom; and I eventually taught educational technology to college students majoring in education for approximately 13 years –in essence coming full circle.

My Calling

After teaching middle and high school students, classroom teachers, and education majors, I retired with approximately 30 years of service in education.  This, however, is only half of my story.  Before retiring, I acquired a love for Bible reading, and for the revelations that I experienced through the Holy Spirit as I read.  Eventually, I asked the Lord how He might use me, and the answer came back, “greeting cards.”  I questioned what I heard for approximately three days before answering, “Yes,” and feeling so very privileged.  I remember saying, “If I can just help one person….”

I remember asking what would make our Christian greeting cards different from those on the market, and the Lord said to add Scripture Marks to each –Christian bookmarks.  This was the beginning of the digital development of greeting cards.  Not only were Scripture Marks attached, but each card contained an inspired experience and was made from premium materials.  There is so much more I could add.  Those chosen by the Lord for specific tasks know that you cannot write inspired experiences without “going through.”  You live experiences to teach others through first-hand knowledge.  There really is no other way.  You cannot testify to someone else’s experiences, only yours --backed by the experiences of others.

I hope that others will read, understand, and apply the material within the cards for spiritual growth.  These cards have been developed to encourage, guide, inspire, and strengthen the inner man.

Alita "Aletha" K. Robertson