A Unique Christian Card Company

He Speaks Today® was born out of a need to convey the fact that Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ speaks as clearly today as He did over 2000 years ago.

We are a specialty ministry-based Christian greeting card company featuring greeting cards, note cards, post cards, children's cards, wedding invitations, and other items.  The crowning feature of each card, including those for children, is the incorporation of a Scripture Mark™ (Christian bookmark for referencing Scripture).  In the spirit of a ministry, proceeds are funneled into Sowing Gifts of the Heart™, our non-profit missions arm.

Inspired Experiences
Whether speedily ripping open a card for children or gingerly unpacking an adult card, a unique experience awaits.  Adult cards contain Scripture-based inspired experiences created through the Spirit to encourage spiritual, emotional, and physical growth.  Children’s cards were developed in three unique categories: Kids (Ages 3-5), Big Kids (Ages 6-9) and Tween (Ages 10-12).  All focus on Scriptural principles and contain creative activities (unique to He Speaks Today®), while some incorporate mini-parental involvement projects and online experiences --a must see! 

Premium Quality
He Speaks Today® cards are exquisitely designed on fine paper.  Each is truly created through and fit for “the” King.

He Speaks Today® cards are handmade and digitally printed for superb refined color.  Many echo our passion for fine art.